Over recent years many major universities around the globe have started to actively promote study abroad programs for their students. Any properly planned study abroad program or educational tour, is so much more than simply the chance to get away from the daily routine in educating young people in class and the benefits for both the students as well as the educational institutions have been proven over the recent years by many internationally renowned education establishments.


Natural Destinations got involved in education focused tourism in 2010, when we first assisted Texas A&M University from College Station, Texas to set up a study abroad program to Namibia. Over the following years a close working relationship with Texas A&M University resulted in a highly sought-after study abroad program, which currently lasts four weeks and visits three different countries (Namibia, Botswana, Zimbabwe). Natural Destinations is responsible for the overall travel logistics including international flights, accommodation, transport and in-country visits to relevant institutions, sights and local communities.


We are working very closely with educational institutions to put together educational tours and study abroad programs, which are directly linked to the syllabus and educational direction of the respective school, university or other educational institutions. We plan and organize the complete travel logistics required ensuring that the study abroad program is a success in every way.

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