We work closely with educational institutions to offer high value study abroad programs. We custom design each and every trip to meet the specific needs of our partners in education, making our trips truly unique and most certainly a valuable edition on every persons’ resumé.


Every successful study abroad program is not only reliant on the educational value, but much more on the actual travel logistics in the background. We are travel logistics specialists and are able to perfectly combine the educational part of a study abroad program with suitable travel arrangements. Our services range from booking transport, accommodation and activities to arranging field trips and meetings with specialist in certain fields of study. In the below pages you will find all the info you need about our study abroad programs.


Go out and explore the world! Make new friends, learn about different cultures, experience different lives and simply have the best time ever!

Over recent years many major universities around the globe have started to actively promote study abroad programs for their students. Any properly planned study abroad program or educational tour, is so much more than simply the chance to get away from the daily routine in educating young people in class and the benefits for both the students as well as the educational institutions have been proven over the recent years by many internationally renowned education establishments.

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