Namibia has two mobile network providers:

  • MTC – the first and biggest mobile network provider of the country. In recent years the network was expanded in such a way that in now covers nearly every village and along most of the bigger traffic routes through-out the country (see map further below).
  • TN Mobile is the mobile phone segment of the state-owned Telecom Namibia. The coverage is not yet as good as from MTC but the network is continuously being expanded.


When travelling to Namibia, you can take your mobile phone along and use it here. The only important thing is to remember is that you need to have international roaming activated with your local service provider. Alternatively you can also buy a pre-paid SIM card from one of the Namibian network providers, which will save you the expensive cost for calls on international roaming agreements. Pre-paid SIM cards can be bought all over in Namibia, even in smaller towns. The necessary credit for such pre-paid cards is also available through-out the country, even in the smallest shops. The cost for pre-paid cards are approx. N$ 7,- (as of June 2014).


Internet via the mobile network:

In recent years the modern mobile internet technology has also been developed at an astoundingly fast rate. MTC and TN Mobile both offer internet access through their mobile phone network, also for pre-paid SIM cards. The exact settings for each telephone model can be acquired quickly and free of charge in the MTC and Telecom Namibia service centers, which can be found through-out Namibia. Internet usage is charged according to downloaded Mb.


At this stage the mobile internet has been primarily extended in the cities and bigger towns. You will be able to get internet access in the rural areas as well, but currently only at a very slow data transfer rate.


MTC und TN Mobile also offer USB Sticks for the mobile connection to the internet. These can also be acquired on a pre-paid basis without any contractual obligations. The USB sticks can be bought at most MTC and Telecom Namibia shops and service centres.


MTC mobile network (as of May 2014):

The areas marked in light blue colour are regions with mobile network coverage. The towns and cities marked with a red dot have 3G connections, while the cities marked with a green dot also feature 4G (LTE) connections.

mtc coverage 

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