If your school, faculty or your university in general is interested in putting together a study abroad program to Namibia or Southern Africa in general the planning process should start as early as possible.

We are specialized in putting together educational trips, which meet the exact needs of the course being offered to the students. Over the years we have established a broad base of professional contacts in various fields of study which we can source to give guest lectures through-out the trip, giving students valuable insight into the real-life working environments in their future professions.



Our Services:

The services we offer to school, universities and faculty staff wishing to start a study abroad program to enhance their curriculum are as follows:

  • Destinations: We can assist in finding suitable destinations and routings as well as giving advice on the suggested timeframe in both duration as well as time of year.
  • Taking care of all travel arrangements: These include booking flights from your country of origin to the destination and back, arranging suitable transportation during the tour, booking best suited accommodation establishments, which can range from anything between a campsite right up to comfortable lodges and hotels. Furthermore, we are also able to book additional sight inspections and excursions where needed during the tour as well as assisting students in pre- or post-tour extensions to tourism highlights within the region.
  • Diversity: We can actively assist in putting together a mix of courses, which might attract a broader base of students and also making the program more diverse and interesting with better learning opportunities.
  • Information: We usually put together a complete tour info kit for all participants, which they receive prior to departure. These info kits include detailed information about the tour, about the accommodation establishments, where the students will be staying, detailed country information including packing suggestions as well all relevant and important contact details. In co-operation with your school, faculty, or university we can also include course materials and info leaflets into the documents as per your requirement.


Things you should keep in mind, when starting the planning:

  • Start early: Often study abroad programs fall into typical tourism peak season. In order to be able to offer the best value and the best possible learning experience for students, the program needs to be finalized as early as possible so that we have sufficient time to get all the required travel services confirmed. Often early booking discounts also apply, which can relieve students quite a bit on the financial side of the trip.
  • Talk to us: Let us know, what you need and where you would like to see the focus of the tour. As mentioned above, we have a vast database of professional contacts, which we can most certainly approach to make your specific study abroad program unique.
  • Flexibility: Of course we understand that you also need to promote the tour to students and parents and that it will be difficult to give an exact number of participants right from the beginning. We are used to this and we most certainly can build in quite a lot of flexibility enabling you to promote the tour, without having to worry too much about participant numbers and the cost implications they might have. We will plan the trip together with you on a minimum amount of participants and will at that stage also indicate what the maximum number of participants can be, taking general travel logistics into account.
  • Southern Africa and Europe: We are specialists in the countries within Southern Africa. These include Namibia, Botswana, Zimbabwe and South Africa. Furthermore, we also have expert knowledge of most European countries and speak the languages so that we would also be able to assist with programs to these destinations as well.
  • Big or small: We have organized very complex study abroad trips lasting for a month as well as short tours for just over weekends. Size and duration does not matter. We are here to help you with travel logistics of any proportion so that you can concentrate on the educational aspect of the tour.



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