In the age of internet with freely and widely available information you can easily find all types of travel tips about your next holiday destination. But, it is still invaluable to get good travel advice and insider infos from someone who not only actually has been there, but also has specialist experience about tours and travel to that destination.


At Natural Destinations we firmly believe that we can only promote and package tours to destinations that we have personally visited. All the countries and regions we offer tours to have been tested by us. We have traveled the roads, we tasted the local cuisine and checked out the most important highlights. Through this, we are able to give you expert travel advice on all of the destinations and regions we offer tours to.


We generally look at countries and regions, where spectacular nature and wildlife are the main reasons for travel. But, this also entails, that we look at the cities and the cultural aspects of these destinations. Furthermore, our credo is “visit a new place every year”, which entails that we are continuously expanding our destination knowledge and with it also the portfolio of spectacular places to visit.

Namibia - the country located in the South Western Corner of Africa between the Orange River in the South and the Kunene River in the North - is an arid, dry country and seems as if it is from another world. Yet it is fascinatingly inviting and easy to travel through this country. Namibia is the dream destination of every photographer, a country of stark contrasts with clear skies and near perfect colour various. It is a country where many guest never want to leave. For those who seek peace and quite, proximity to nature, overwhelming landscapes and seemingly endless horizons Namibia should be on top of the list of next holiday destinations.

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Being nestled between Namibia, Zambia, Zimbabwe and South Africa, the country is defined by two remarkable contrats. On the one hand there is the Okavango Delta with a sheer unimaginable variety of animal and plant life. But only a few kilometers outside of the wetlands the dry Kalahari Desert extends over the greatest part of Botswana. Here only the most specialized plants and animals have a chance of survival. The combination of these two very different habitats, the impressive wildlife and the astounding flora, the seemlingly endless plains and the untouched nature surely are Botswanas biggest treasure. Any trip to Botswana promisses to be both an adventure and full of variety.

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South Africa will nullify any stereotype you might hold about the African continent. an exhilarating, spectacular and complex nation which is an easy introduction to Africa. Filled with world-class attractions and first-world amenities it caters for international tourists like no other country on the continent. Whether you desire the snow-capped peaks of the Drakensberg range, the mangificent white sand beaches of the Wild Coast, the picture-perfect beauty of Cape Town or the chance to view wildlife in the Kruger National Park or any of the other spectacular nature conservation areas, the "rainbow nation" offers something for everybody.

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The small island of Mauritius is located in the Indian Ocean only four hours flight from Johannesburg and is without doubt a tropical paradise. The people on the island are friendly, always with a smile on their face, the hotels and beach resorts offer near perfect service quality, there are spectacular white sandy beaches, warm water and tropical temperatures nearly through-out the year. Mauritius is the ideal holiday destinations, if you only want to relax and spend time in the sun and at the beach.

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