Rating accommodation standards has become ever more complex, especially when dealing with destinations, where the accommodation mix consists of remote lodges, guest farms and typical city hotels. Added to that, in the destinations we offer, there often is no internationally accepted grading system in place or the existing grading levels do not correspond to internationally accepted standards.


At Natural Destinations we have therefore developed a guideline to aid you in understanding the general comfort levels that we attribute to our offered tours and packages. Similar to the star system, we have classified our tour packages and accommodation establishments in the following five levels:



Accommodation establishments and services that typify luxury across all areas of operation. Guests will enjoy an extensive range of facilities and comprehensive or highly personalised services. Properties at this level will display excellent design quality and attention to detail. 

First Class

Accommodation establishments and services which achieve a deluxe guest experience. A wide range of facilities and superior design qualities are typically complemented by service standards that reflect the varied and discerning needs of the guest.


Accommodation establishments and services that deliver a broad range of amenities that exceed above-average accommodation needs. Good quality service, design and physical attributes are typically fit for purpose to match guest expectations.


Accommodation establishments and services that focus on the needs of price conscious travellers. Services and guest facilities are typically limited to keep room rates affordable and competitive but may be available upon request or fee-based. 


Accommodation establishments and services that offer budget facilities without compromising cleanliness or guest security. Guests may access fee-based services or facilities upon request.



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