Rating accommodation standards has become ever more complex, especially when dealing with destinations, where the accommodation mix consists of remote lodges, guest farms and typical city hotels. Added to that, in the destinations we offer, there often is no internationally accepted grading system in place or the existing grading levels do not correspond to internationally accepted standards.

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In the age of internet with freely and widely available information you can easily find all types of travel tips about your next holiday destination. But, it is still invaluable to get good travel advice and insider infos from someone who not only actually has been there, but also has specialist experience about tours and travel to that destination.


At Natural Destinations we firmly believe that we can only promote and package tours to destinations that we have personally visited. All the countries and regions we offer tours to have been tested by us. We have traveled the roads, we tasted the local cuisine and checked out the most important highlights. Through this, we are able to give you expert travel advice on all of the destinations and regions we offer tours to.


We generally look at countries and regions, where spectacular nature and wildlife are the main reasons for travel. But, this also entails, that we look at the cities and the cultural aspects of these destinations. Furthermore, our credo is “visit a new place every year”, which entails that we are continuously expanding our destination knowledge and with it also the portfolio of spectacular places to visit.

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